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Consultation for the Curriculum Review Survey

Dear Colleague,

Consultation for the Curriculum Review- Interim Report closes on 13th December. I had the opportunity to attend a consultation meeting with Professor Geoff Masters and other Professional Association Representatives. This provided a greater insight about the Interim Report and its reforms.

I am seeking your comments and questions to allow TEA to prepare a submission on behalf of all members. Please make the time to work with your faculty, a group of colleagues or as an individual to complete the survey. Extract from the NSW Curriculum Review Interim Report, Executive Summary:

“The Review of the New South Wales school curriculum has concluded that change is required. The changes proposed by the Review are significant. They relate to the amount and nature of syllabus content, the overall structure of the curriculum, and the focus of learning in the senior years of school. Given the depth of the proposed changes, detailed planning, trialling, testing and implementation will be required over an extended period of time – possibly a decade – although the work on some changes should begin immediately”.

This survey has been designed to complement the Interim Report Consultation workbook.

It is strongly recommended to refer to the Consultation Workbook and the Interim Report when formulating your answers. Link to the Interim Report and Consultation Workbook:

This survey will be available on the TEA Website, Social Media pages (Instagram and Facebook) until Friday 6 December 3:30pm. Please encourage other Technology Educators to complete the survey.

Thank you in advance for finding time in your busy end of year schedules to provide feedback through this survey. A copy of our completed submission will be available on the TEA Website and included in the 2020 Semester 1 Magazine.


Toni Robinson

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