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NESA registered PL: We will continue to work with PTC NSW to ensure that professional learning courses are NESA endorsed. Membership with TEA NSW entitles access to all TEA events and covers insurance at these events. Meeting the needs of our diverse members: We run collaborative and highly successful teacher days. We are introducing new ventures to allow greater access to our members. Events are held across Sydney in prime areas such as Canley Vale, Strathfield, Auburn and Oatley, Rosehill, North Sydney, etc.

Supporting our regional members: These are amazing professional development opportunities being led by outstanding educators in many regional areas. TEA will focus on consolidating regional groups as sub-committee of TEA. We are looking at a clear and transparent process that will ensure the sustainability of the TEA, as well as continuing to provide high-quality professional learning for all of our members.

Involvement in your professional organisation: Engage with professional teaching networks and broader communities (professional teachers Council NSW and NSW Education Standards Authority)

Communication: Magazines: two glossy high quality printed newsletter! In this digital age, we are still mindful of balancing print and digital methods of communication. The design of new and improved communication channels has been a priority for the TEA. We have a website, Facebook, and Instagram.

TEA Membership Benefits

What does TEA do for you?

TEA provides opportunities to:

Engage in professional learning through

  •  Regular teacher days and workshops
  • Reduced registration rates for TEA Conferences and professional learning activities
  • Provision of accredited professional learning activities
  • Access to quarterly newsletters

Contribute to professional networks and associations by

  • Presenting professional learning activities
  • Networking and engaging in collegial discussions
  • Assisting with professional learning activities as a committee member
  • Submitting resources and or articles for publication in newsletters
  • Access to regional groups and professional learning activities

Know the content and how to teach it with

  • Opportunities to enhance student knowledge by attending HSC Seminars and the Texstyle Exhibition
  • Regular TEA magazine that features about curriculum and lesson content Support to understand new professional requirements and processes by
  • Representation at the Professional Teachers Council

The Professional Teachers’ Council NSW now handle our administrative and membership