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The 2022 TEA Textile Art Piece (TAP) Challenge sponsored by S&S will again offer two design briefs.

This will allow students of Technology Mandatory the opportunity to participate in this highly successful TAP Challenge.

Entries to be received by Friday 23rd September 2022 (Term 3, Week 10) 

The theme for 2022 is –


General guidelines –
  • may be a hanging art quilt, decorative mat, a sculpture, an ornament, a cushion cover, etc.
  • should be no larger than a volume equivalent to 40cm x 40cm x 5cm
  • include a minimum of 75% textile materials
  • incorporate at least 3 decorative techniques and demonstrate creativity in design and construction
  • able to be easily displayed on a wall or table
  • respect Indigenous and cultural protocols
  • each school may enter a maximum of two (2) entries for each of Stage 4 and Stage 5

In order to assist students in their design development, the design and production process could be documented at a school level with the production of a folio. It is not necessary to include this documentation when submitting the selected TAP projects for judging.

The TAP Challenge is based on the Textile Art Piece only.

Full Guidelines and Criteria

How to Enter 

Only online entry forms will be accepted for the TAP competition. Please follow the link below, or find the  link on the TEA website and social media (Facebook and Instagram pages). 

Online Entry Form

Complete an online entry form for each student selected to enter the challenge (a maximum of 2 entries  per school for each of Stages 4 and Stage 5). 

All entries must have an ID tag securely attached to the Textile Art Piece by stitching or a safety pin. 

ID Tag

TEXTILE ART PIECES should be posted to arrive by Friday 23rdSeptember 2022  (term 3, week 10) at the following address – 

2022 Textile Art Piece Challenge


PO Box 699

Lidcombe NSW 1825