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The 2023 TEA Textile Art Piece (TAP) Challenge

The 2023 TEA Textile Art Piece (TAP) Challenge sponsored by S&S will again offer two design  briefs. This will allow teachers of textiles the opportunity to incorporate this highly successful design project into both Stage 5 and Stage 4 programs and into extra-curricular activities which may be offered, such as ‘Sewing Club’. 

The theme for 2023 is……COUNTRY identity, purpose, belonging  

General guidelines  

– may be a hanging art quilt, decorative mat, a sculpture, an ornament, a cushion cover, etc.  

– should be no larger than a volume equivalent to 40cm x 40cm x 5cm 

– include a minimum of 75% textile materials 

– incorporate at least 3 decorative techniques and demonstrate creativity in design and  construction  

– able to be easily displayed on a wall or table 

– respect Indigenous and cultural protocols 

– each school may enter a maximum of two (2) entries for each of Stage 4 and Stage 5 

Learning across the curriculum 

Learning across the curriculum content assists students to achieve the broad learning outcomes defined in the NESA K-10 Curriculum Framework and Statement of Equity Principles, and in the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians.

Cross-curriculum priorities enable students to develop understanding about and address the contemporary issues they face.  A cross-curriculum priority identified by NESA is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures 

Theme-specific opportunities 

The NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) https://aecgservices.com.au/ 

  • The NSW AECG began in 1977 as a committee of Aboriginal people invited by the Department of Education to advise it on Aboriginal Education.
  • The AECG, through its local and regional network promotes respect, empowerment and self-determination and believes the process of collaborative consultation is integral to equal partnerships and is fundamental to the achievement of equality.
  • The AECG offers Professional Learning such as ‘Connecting to Country’, an Aboriginal community cultural awareness teaching programme. This programme connects the NSW teaching fraternity with Aboriginal peoples and communities. Teachers are offered a unique opportunity to engage directly with Aboriginal Australians at the local community level.

TAP Challenge 2023 – Guidelines & Criteria

Full Guidelines and Criteria can be found here – Guidelines & Criteria

How to Enter 

Only online entry forms will be accepted for the TAP competition. Please follow the link below, or find the  link on the TEA website and social media (Facebook and Instagram pages). 

Link to online entry form: Entry Form

Complete an online entry form for each student selected to enter the challenge (a maximum of 2 entries  per school for each of Stages 4 and Stage 5). 

All entries must have an ID tag securely attached to the Textile Art Piece by stitching or a safety pin. 

Link to ID tag:  ID Tag

TAP2023 entries should be posted to arrive by Friday 22nd September 2023 (term 3, week 10) at the following address – 

2023 Textile Art Piece Challenge


PO Box 699

Lidcombe NSW 1825

The Portfolio

In order to assist students in their design development, the design and production process could be documented at a school level with the production of a folio.  

It is not necessary to include this documentation when submitting the selected TAP projects for  judging.  The TAP Challenge is based on the Textile Art Piece only. 

Judging and Process 

Judging / Marking Criteria for the Textile Art Piece 

– clearly appropriate for the intended purpose, effectively meeting size and display criteria
– reflects the design brief, demonstrating creativity and with a direct link to the purpose
– demonstrates expertise in selecting and manipulating appropriate materials, techniques and equipment 

– produces a high-quality textile item 

– efficient time management is reflected by complete and appropriate finishing details

After the school process

Once you have completed your school process and selected 2 students each from Stage 4 and Stage 5:  Complete and submit an online entry form for each student. 

Link to online entry form: Entry Form

For each entry, complete an ID tag, and attach securely to the Textile Art Piece. Link to ID tag:  ID Tag

post the entries to arrive by Friday 22nd September 2023 (term 3, week 10). 

Email correspondence 

Email correspondence will be sent at the following stages of the process:

  • receipt of online entry form 
  • receipt of TAP entries (after the due date) 
  • student notification of result, including certificate 
  • teacher letter of appreciation, including certificate 
  • notification of return of projects 
  • for prizewinners, an invitation to display at the Texstyle Exhibition and to attend the Texstyle Presentation evening

Marking criteria 

The following marking criteria has been provided to assist with the selection of students’ work for the TAP Challenge, and will also be used in the judging process can be found here – Marking Criteria