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TEA in 2019, what do you want?
As the Technology Educators Associations purpose is to educate and support teachers we are asking all members to assist us in developing the events and professional development for you.
Please be honest in your feedback as we want to provide valuable Teacher Professional Development.
We want to support you but in supporting you as best we can we need support and information from you. please take 5 minutes to complete the following.



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Professional Learning Survey

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) has developed a new Professional Learning Survey to identify the experiences and preferences of NSW teachers. We are aiming to capture the thoughts of as many teachers as we can and would be most grateful if you could arrange for the PL Survey link to be added to your organisation’s comms during the next month.

Once the Survey closes in December and results analysed, we will have current insights into what types of PD NSW teachers do and want. We will of course, share all aggregate and de-identified PD with you as soon as we can.

Attached to this email is a Comms statement that can be used by you to help promote the 2018 PL Survey.

Should you have any questions about the Survey, please contact Andrew Gregg on 9367 8075 or via Andrew.gregg@nesa.nsw.edu.au

Matt Bentley

Director | Professional Learning Directorate

NSW Education Standards Authority

Lvl 4, 117 Clarence St Sydney NSW 2000 | GPO Box 5300 Sydney NSW 2001

T: +61 2 9367 8024 | F: +61 2 9367 9098

matthew.bentley@nesa.nsw.edu.au | educationstandards.nsw.edu.au

2018 Survey Comms




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If you have any items you would like to share with other Members, please email us. enquiries.teansw@gmail.com

We would be grateful for your contribution.


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