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…from the President...

What a super busy start to the year! We are very excited to announce the rebranding of TEA. At the Texstyle exhibition we launched our updated logos for Texstyle and our association. This has been a year in the making and we thank the designers and Maureen Stevens at NESA for making this possible. A great way to start the year all shiny and new!

Without the commitment of the TEA Executive team and committee there is no way we would have been able to arrange the Texstyle Exhibition, student and teacher seminars AND the Life Members Cocktail function (all within the space of a week). For those of you that attended one or more of the events, I am sure you will agree that all events continue to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of students provide support through seminars and acknowledge the efforts of our members, past and present.


Mark these dates in your diary:TERM 2

Friday June 22 – Design Conference Day 1

Saturday June 23 – Design Conference Day 2


Friday August 24 – Food Technologies and Hospitality Conference Day 1

Saturday August 25 – Food Technologies and Hospitality Conference Day 2


Monday October 29 – HSC Teacher Seminars


Please note that booking links will be opened earlier for both of these events to ensure our members have enough time to arrange approval and payments through their schools.

Get involved

  1. We are calling for presenters and people interested in assisting . If you would like to be involved or contribute in some way, please send me an email at
  2. Thank you to those members that send through contributions each edition for the Magazine! We would love to hear from more of you. Share a successful recipe, worksheet, project idea or program.
  3. Follow TEA on Facebook and/or Instagram.



Check that your membership is up to date. This includes email addresses. We have been sending out emails to all members to share important information regarding upcoming events, syllabus consultation and important updates from NESA. Having these details correct allows us to reach you and communicate this information.

Please direct all enquiries and correspondence regarding membership to: Shreela Pradhan c/o Professional Teachers’ Council (PTC) NSW

Mail: PO Box 699 Lidcombe NSW 1825, Phone: 02 97160378   Fax: 02 95642342, Email:


TAP Challenge  2018

Keep working with your students to create amazing projects. We look forward to seeing these being submitted at the end of Term 3!


Finally, in this time of great change, we need to make sure that we are advocating for our subjects through consultation meetings, surveys and any other means to ensure that our opinions are heard.

Toni Robinson

TEA President